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The following is a wiki that has information about different super heroes from the DC universe.

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==List of DC Super Heroes==



Wonder Woman: Is an Amazonian Princess, that fights using typically a sword, shield and lasso. She also has the ability to fly and deflect projectiles with the gauntlets that she wears.

Green Arrow : Oliver Queen takes the identity of the Green Arrow who is the savior of Starling City, and fights crime in the night with a Bow and Arrow.


Arsenal: The Green Arrow's sidekick, wears a red suit, and also fights with a Bow and Arrow.

The Flash: Is a superhero who possesses the ability to run at very high speeds, and fights crime by typically outsmarting his foes.

Robin: Robin is the sidekick of Batman, he helps Batman fight crime.

==Super Villians==


Lex Luthor


Kite Man

==Latest activity==

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